Property taxes

Rent Out or Sell? 4 Steps to Decide What to Do with Your Newly Remodeled Fixer Upper in Florida

Author: Katie Conroy When you have a newly remodeled fixer-upper in Florida, deciding what to do with it can be challenging. If you’re torn between renting it out and selling, here are four steps that can help you decide, brought to courtesy of CaribHomes. 4 Steps to Decide Between Renting and Selling 1. Look at the Financials Selling or renting out the property affects your finances in...

Property taxes and how they are calculated

What is a Property Tax? Property Tax in Jamaica is assessed on the unimproved value of the land. The unimproved value of land is defined as the price at which a seller could put up his land for sale without taking into consideration any improvements, physical additions or alterations to the land, such as buildings. In simple terms, the property tax is a charge levied on all commercial as well as...

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